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Our company is specialized in the design and manufacture of ppr pipe and fittings, aluminum plastic composite pipes, aluminum butt-welding pipes, copper fittings and plumping fittings. We possess the imported 21st century international advanced production line and all-computer control system, covering a ground area of 10,000 square meters.Our company possesses 308 employees including 102 professional technicians and managers. We strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system.

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    Founded in 2003
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    19 years experience
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    More than 100 Employee
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    More than 50 Professionals



  • Brass Compression Male Thread Tee

    Brass Compression Male...

    The card sleeve connection is widely used in oil refining, chemical, light industry, textile, national defense, aviation, shipbuilding, medical, machinery and other systems. It has the advantages of reliable connection, good sealing and repeatability, extremely convenient installation and maintenance, high efficiency, safe and reliable work, etc. Compared with nylon plastic joints, it has a wider range of application, temperature and pressure resistance, and firm connection. The copper pipe j...

  • Brass compression fitting Female Thread Elbow

    Brass compression fitt...

  • Brass Compression fitting Equal Tee

    Brass Compression fitt...

    Since 2003. Our factory is a professional manufacturer engaged in brass fittings. we always being reliable, professional and proactive. We manufacturing products under overseas advanced technology and high-precision equipment. Products are examined by professional QC team before shipment on the basis of conforming to ISO9001:2008 quality system certification. our price not the lowest. But we can guarantee our price must be most reasonable. We have different size of products for a single item,...

  • Card sleeve type copper fittings

    Card sleeve type coppe...

    Equal Socket Female Straight Union Male Thread Tee Female Seated Elbow Our copper joined tube series is characterized as refined copper forging, bold and thickened, sturdy and durable. Besides, the quality is also guaranteed from the following aspects: 1. high-quality raw materials. H58 refined copper, thick and wear-resistant; 2. health and safety. Corrosion resistant and not easy to burst, long service life; 3. easy to install. The card socket interface design does not require professio...


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  • Knowledge Of Floor Heating Leak Detection

    Knowledge Of Floor Heating Leak Detection

    Most of the floor heating system is buried underground. Once the water leaks, it will be more troublesome to repair. Today, I will share some common knowledge about water leakage detection in floor heating, hoping to help you avoid the risk of water leakage in floor heating. Floor heating leaks a...

  • Can The Aluminum-plastic Pipe Be Hot Melted?

    Can The Aluminum-plastic Pipe Be Hot Melted?

    We know that when different pipes are installed, different pipe fittings and different connection methods need to be used. For example, ppr pipes need to use ppr pipes, which are connected by hot melt. Aluminum-plastic pipes are generally connected with threads, and the pipe fittings are of the c...