• Blue Color PPR Pipe

    Blue Color PPR Pipe

    We provides blue color ppr antibacterial pipe for customers with high requirements around water health. During the production of PPR pipes, nano-silver antibacterial agent is added in the raw materials to effectively suppress the breeding of bacteria.The blue color ppr pipe is lighter in weight, because of this advantage, it greatly reduces the difficulty of construction. As a green and environmentally friendly material, it will not pollute the external environment during production or construction.

  • PPR Female Threaded Tee

    PPR Female Threaded Tee

    The PPR female threaded tee is made of high-quality lead-free Hpb59-1 copper, with a unique leak-proof design, tightly occluded to prevent leakage, and the raw material is imported food-grade random copolymer polypropylene (PPR) through injection molding into pipe fittings.

  • Brass compression fitting Female Thread Elbow

    Brass compression fitting Female Thread Elbow

    Smelting-Spectral Analysis-Forging-CNC Machine-Deburrs-Inspection-Assembling-Packaging-QC-shipping

    The Smeling Workshop can recycle all the scrap left by processing, and then reproduce the copper through professional technology for reproduction.

    The factory can better control the quality of raw materials.

    The forging workshop can shape the cut products by high temperature(650℃-720℃).Then the forged products are tempered by removing the hard force to ensure that the products will not crack.

    The machine center can process more precise products, and the machining accuracy can be less than 0.02mm

    Materials are placed in different colors to distinguish different materials, including 59-3a, DZR and so on.

  • PPR Female Threaded Socket

    PPR Female Threaded Socket

    The PPR female threaded socket are made of high-quality brass, which is precisely manufactured, has good uniformity, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and prevents water leakage.

  • Plastic PPR Pipe

    Plastic PPR Pipe

    Our plastic PPR pipe are an outstanding solution for completing your piping project, all while ensuring your system features an improved durability and corrosion resistance, as well as a shortened installation period. In addition, our plastic PPR pipe is also exceptionally environmentally friendly, ensuring a worry-free installation and performance. To increase pipe operating temperatures and reduce expansion rates, we use blending glass fibers in the center of the pipe, turning these pipes into a multilayer composite pipe.

  • Male Thread Tee

    Male Thread Tee

    Male Thread Tee is made of two parts, the PPR part and the thread part. It can help to change the directions of fluid flow as required, besides, it is durable because of the good raw materials.

  • PPR Reducing Tee

    PPR Reducing Tee

    The PPR reducing tee is made of imported Korean Hyosung materials, and it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, easy to install, and compatible with hot and cold. The quality is guaranteed and you can use it with confidence. Using ppr material, the product has the characteristics of resistance to sunlight and cold. It is universal in the country and can be used in various environments.

  • Composite PPR Pipe

    Composite PPR Pipe

    Generally speaking, the composite ppr pipe adopts a five-layer structure, the outer layer is PPR, and the inner layer is PE-RT. In the middle, there is an aluminum layer. In addition, between the layers, hot melt adhesive is used and extruded and compounded through high temperature and high pressure, so as to have a good compound effect.

  • PPR Plug Fittings

    PPR Plug Fittings

    The PPR plug fitting is easy to load and unload, and the construction is quick. The thickened silicone sealing ring, the design of free winding raw material tape, does not leak. We have passed CE, ISO9001 quality management system and 14001 environmental management system certifications.

  • PPR Fiber Composite Pipe

    PPR Fiber Composite Pipe

    The PPR fiber composite pipe has high density and smooth inner wall, helping to prevent water loss and to protect the water from external pollution. PPR pipe fittings also adopt PPR fiber composite pipe material, allowing for direct connection by hot fusion, which is very convenient and secure. The joint will have higher strength than the pipe itself.

  • Elbow 90°

    Elbow 90°

    Elbow 90°can change water flow in two ways. Made of imported raw materials, it is of highly quality and the color can be customized.

  • PPR Antibacterial Pipe

    PPR Antibacterial Pipe

    We provides ppr antibacterial pipe for customers with high requirements around water health. During the production of PPR pipes, nano-silver antibacterial agent is added in the raw materials to effectively suppress the breeding of bacteria.

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